Chris Mumma

I have been riding for 5 years as part of loosing weight (loosing 150lbs). I started cycling with a couple of friends from my local gym. They are the ones who sparked my interest in riding and who nudged me into getting my first Road bike. We then picked up a couple of more riders and road up and down the American River Bike Trail. Occasionally we would ride Costco Hill, but that was really our limit as a group. I wanted to ride more and challenge myself to accomplish more so I started riding by myself.

I decided to sign up for the "century" ride connected to the Ride2Recovery Honor Ride and Amgen Tour of California. It was at this time I met up with Cycle Folsom and, after a week of feeling guilty for moving on from my friends, I have ridden with Cycle Folsom 5-6 days a week since. Folks like Stan, Oz, Mike Lemberg, Steve Paine, Brad Maryatt, Scott McKinney, Jody, Jim Ramseier and so many others I could name, have inspired me to strive to be the best cyclist I be.

I started out signing up for as many rides as I could. I was given a lot of tips both on and off the bike as we were out on the road. I learned so much my 1st year with Cycle Folsom. As soon as I thought I could help out, I volunteered to assist out with our Gruppetto series and Wednesday Night Ride, and eventually I became a ride leader for both. I wanted to give back to the club that has given me so much. I then started posting my own rides to provide a wider option (days of the week, times, experiences, etc.) for our members.

When I joined Cycle Folsom I hated the hills and climbing. They were the bane of my existence as a heavier rider. I decided that I wanted to become a stronger climber. I wanted to love the hills and not dread them. I was lucky that I was invited out to our Thursday Night Climbing ride (a.k.a., Bikes, Burgers and Brew ride). It is a hard climbing ride, but I set my own goals to reach each ride and I accomplished them. Now I love to climb in the hills! YOU must set your own goals to achieve.

My philosophy is that YOU must want to become a better, stronger, safer rider. No one can give that to you. We can only provide you with the techniques, club language and support so YOU can ride stronger and safer. YOU must do the work to get there.

I have gone from struggling 15 miles on the American River Bike Trail to finishing the Death Ride with 129 miles and over 15,000 feet of climbing. I look forward to taking on bigger challenges. Now challenge yourself!

See you on the road!


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